FIRST AIRED: May 10, 2017

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>> When they first met he was only a school boy, and she was a married drama teacher 24 years older than him. Now ready to enter the Elysee Palace palace as First Lady Brigitte Macron is going to be coaching her husband on a much bigger stage now. I'm Johnny Cotton Reuters reporter in Paris.
She is a constant presence on the campaign trail, she accompanies her husband on lots of his movements around France where she goes to meet people. She says that it's quite surprising how people come up to her in the street and they start talking to her about their problems.
She's next to him at his rallies, often gracing him with a loving kiss, but she also performs an even more important function. She goes through his speeches with him and as an ex-drama teacher, she knows what it is to give a speech, and she coaches him about that.
She teaches him where to position his voice, and he also runs through key policy pledges with her. Particularly when they regard what she cares about in the world, women's rights, culture, and schools. He's always said that she's by his side and without her he wouldn't be the person that he is today.
He's never made secret about their relationship, and more than that, he often puts their relationship at the forefront. It may come as a surprise to witnesses elsewhere around the world, but actually in France, the age gap between Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron doesn't raise that many eyebrows. This is a couple that intrigues people, people are interested in them.
They want to know about their background, they want to know about their lives. But they're not particularly bothered by the fact that there is a 24 year age gap, and that they met when Emmanuel Macron was still at school. French First Ladies often don't have the same official role that they do in other places like the United States, but Emmanuel Macron has been very clear that he wants to keep Brigitte by his side.
He's gonna let her, he says, carve out whichever role suits her at the heart of the Elysee Palace. But what we can definitely be sure about is that whatever happens, she will be a constant presence over the course of his term in office.