FIRST AIRED: May 5, 2017

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>> And I know that our friends over in the Senate are eager to get to work.>>
Chuckles from House Republican law makers after their big win on healthcare. They know their colleagues in the Senate now face their own bruising fight.>> I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington, where after the White House victory lap, it's the Senate's turn to take this on, and it won't be easy.
With Democrats united in opposition, Republicans in the Senate can't afford to lose more than two votes from their side. They've got a much slimmer margin for error, and there's already plenty of dissention in their ranks.>> Anytime you have a process like this, you've got to be suspicious of the outcome.
>> On the right, conservatives like Rand Paul of Kentucky have said the bill doesn't go far enough, they wanted to uproot Obamacare completely.>> Part of the problem I have is that the underlying premise of Obamacare was that the federal government would for the first time buy insurance for people.
That fundamental premise of Obamacare is kept.>> And there's roughly seven Republicans of all ideological stripes who don't like that the bill's cuts to Medicaid, would leave poor constituents and their states without insurance. Insurers could charge more money to people who are already battling cancer or other illnesses.
That could make life uncomfortable for Republicans who face competitive elections next year, like Dean Heller of Nevada, and Jeff Flake of Arizona. Moderates like Susan Collins of Maine worry that it will gut coverage for women's health. Whatever they come up with in the Senate, it's likely to be different from the House version.
Setting up another round of painful negotiations as the two chambers try to iron out their differences.>> We're gonna get this passed through the Senate, I feel so confident.>> President Trump is sure to be pressing for action, just as he did in the House. But first Senate Republicans have to come up with something that nearly all of them support.
So as messy as the debate was in the House.>> Unconscionable.>> And it ends today.>> It could get even uglier.