FIRST AIRED: May 16, 2017

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>> A nefarious group that took credit for leaking cyber spying tools developed by the US National Security Agency, including ones used in a recent global ransomware attack, saying Tuesday it plans to sell code that can be used to hack into Microsoft operating systems. Reuters cyber security correspondent Dustin Volts.
>> An online entity that likes to call itself Shadow Brokers reemerged on Tuesday to basically taunt Microsoft and the National Security Agency and say that they have more hacking tools that they want to release online. And that they're going to start doing so as soon as June. What they offered essentially is for those who want to sign up for some sort of a subscription service to the vulnerabilities that they have.
Beginning in June, they can get monthly updates on ways to hack into routers and other sorts of software.>> The National Security Agency had some of its cyber weapons either stolen or leaked last year. The WannaCry ransomware that swept the globe on Friday believed to contain hacking tools developed by the NSA.
That attack stoking fears that the US spy agency's tools could be turned to criminal use.>> This group has previously tried to auction off what it claimed were serious software vulnerabilities. And really had no success doing so. They sort of were trying to advertise hacking for sale to criminal groups saying we've got these vulnerabilities, come pay us a lot of money and we'll give them to you.
And that previous effort really wasn't successful. But given the attention that they've gotten with the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, this might be a little different. It might be an indication that they're trying to become more active and step up their game a little bit.>> The NSA has not commented on the Shadow Brokers since the group emerged last year or about the WannaCry ransomware attack.