FIRST AIRED: May 15, 2017

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>> The world waking up to a more fallout from a global cyber attack on Monday. Governments and businesses in Asia reporting some disruptions from the WannaCry Ransomware Worm, that hit major targets on Friday. The worm locked up hundreds of thousands of computers in more than 150 countries. Expert say, it's waiting and Emails left unopened over the weekend like cyber landmines.
Reuters Adam Jordan is following the impact from Shanghai.>> People are returning to work on Monday, they're opening their computers, their Emails. And for the unlucky few, they're clicking on these links which open up the ransomware worm and infect their computers. What I've seen here in China is an impact especially on schools and colleges where you have tens of thousands of students both with laptops, and relatively low levels of security.
We've also seen local governments and authorities all around the country who have suspended some degree of their services and their online systems.>> Across Asia, two major Indonesian hospitals reported they've been hit. There are reports from South Korea and Australia, China's energy giant, Petro China says it was affected and Chinese State media estimates 2,000 computers were affected around the country.
>> One of the potential vulnerabilities here in China is that there are lots of older or counterfeit versions of Microsoft Windows that are used by both corporations, individuals, as well as government bodies. What that means is that these versions won't have maybe the latest fix, the latest patch, already installed.
And that means that those people who are using those older versions may well get caught out and not be so ready to combat or fight off this particular virus.>> Experts say the spread of the ransomware has slowed down since it's appearance on Friday but that maybe just a brief low.
One cyber security firm told Reuters it found a new version the worm that didn't Email to lure in victims. And on Sunday Microsoft seemed to acknowledge what researchers guessed, the worm makes use of a hacking tool built by America's NSA that leaked online in April.