FIRST AIRED: May 18, 2017

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>> Google asserting its AI dominance Wednesday at its biggest event of the year. The IO developer's conference. CEO Sundar Pichai announcing a new product called Google Lens. Which can recognize and identify things in the real world like a flower.>> It's great for someone like me with allergies.
>> Or a restaurant which Google Assist will then display reviews for. That puts parent company, Alphabet's artificial intelligence far ahead of Apple's Siri or Amazon's Alexa says Reuters correspondent Julia Love who attended the conference in Mountain View, California.>> Google is widely perceived to have the lead in the artificial intelligence race.
And I think that today they showed that they remain at the front of the pack in terms of raw smarts. The company is locked in a war with Amazon and Apple to establish the dominant digital assistant. And Google took a key step forward by announcing that it will release the assistant for the iPhone.
This is a big departure that they've taken over the past year. Because initially they released the assistant just for their hardware, hoping to make their products stand out. But it seems now they've decided that the best strategy is to make the assistant ubiquitous.>> Google also announcing a new initiative called Google for Jobs.
A search feature that organizes internet job postings for people looking for work.>> To me that seems to be the company's response to that rhetoric that we've been hearing from President Trump about the importance of bringing jobs back to the United States and reducing unemployment. And seems that this is Google's effort to show that it can be a good actor and a participant in that effort.
>> The event drawing Googlers and developers from across the globe, who had to brave the harsh Silicon Valley elements.>> It's somewhat rare to see a technology conference like this hosted outdoors, so there were some rumblings among the crowd, and the event was about two hours, so for most of it guests very cold, kind of visibly shuddering, and then as the weather changed people were slathering on sunscreen.
>> We have plenty of sunscreen all around. It's on us.>> The conference is a three day affair and will also showcase everything from new Android features to virtual reality headsets.>> Thanks for your time today and enjoy>>