FIRST AIRED: May 26, 2017

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>> After a full day of seclusion with fellow heads of state, we're no closer to knowing US President Donald Trump's intentions. I'm Reuters' Matt Larotonda at the G7 summit in Sicily. Some of the world leaders here have met President Donald Trump multiple times over the last few months, and in theory, this was supposed to get them together on a more personal level.
One place where they may be making an impact is climate change. The president doubts its man-made but the White House says his views are evolving here. This after German counterpart Angela Merkel says the other leaders had a, quote, controversial debate with him here. Italy's prime minister is saying he thinks Trump will stay with them in the Paris Climate Accords, which he once vowed to leave.
Free trade and immigration are two issues where they still seem to be at odds, but one place where they did make agreement is in security. Today they issued a memo where all of the countries pledged to pressure Internet service providers to do more to combat the spread of extremism online.
This just days after the attack in Manchester. The move was apparently spearheaded by Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May. Everyone here is now waiting for a communique the leaders are supposed to release on Saturday. It's supposed to outline how they'll move forward. It's normally drafted days beforehand, but all indications suggest it's gonna be finalized in the later hours.
What's in it, or what's not in it, is gonna tell lots about where these leaders stand with Trump going forward.