FIRST AIRED: May 27, 2017

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>> US President Donald Trump's son in law and close advisor, Jared Kushner, had multiple undisclosed contacts with Russia's US Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, both during and after the 2016 presidential campaign. Reuters learning Kushner's contacts have drawn the interest of the FBI, which is looking into whether members of the Trump campaign colluded with agents of the Russian government during the race for the White House.
One senior White House official, Michael Flynn, was forced to resign after lying about the nature of his communications with Kislyak. Kushner appears to have been party to some of those contacts. Reuters Investigative Correspondent Ned Parker.>> Notably, in December Kushner and Flynn met with Ambassador Kislyak at Trump Tower and Kushner also had a meeting with a representative of VEB Bank, a Russian bank with ties to Russian Intelligence.
We're also told that Kushner, after the election, was involved, like Flynn, in talking with Kislyak about ways to create a back channel between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump that would bypass the US Government's national security bureaucracy that both sides felt was hostile. It was these contacts that then brought Kushner onto the radar of FBI investigators, who are looking into this question of whether there was any collusion.
>> The White House declined to comment. Russia denies meddling in the US election, and Trump has dismissed allegations of collusion as a ruse. One question FBI investigators are examining is whether Kushner or other Trump aides discussed possible changes in US policy toward Russia, especially relaxing economic sanctions. Changes to sanctions may enable Russian banks with links to the Kremlin to offer loans, investments, or other financial considerations to people with ties to Trump, according to a current US Law Enforcement Official.
>> Why has the Trump administration not come clean about the nature of these talks between Kushner and Ambassador Kysliak if the discussions are about was to improve the diplomatic relationships between the two countries. So why have they been kept secret, that's the question.>> The FBI investigation into possible collusion with Russia continues alongside separate probes in the US House and Senate.