FIRST AIRED: May 17, 2017

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olent clashes have erupted between protesters and riot police in Central Athens. With all the protesters firing projectiles at authorities And hurling Molotov cocktails.>>
The violence broke out after thousands of Greeks walked off the job and marched through the capital, protesting additional austerity measures being demanded by international leaders, in return for the disbursing of scheduled bailout funds.
Pensioners, teachers, doctors and lawyers, joined the rally which disrupted public transport across the city.>>
> If these measures are passed, things will be very difficult. And the growth they are talking about is not for us or our children. It's for the capitalists.>> This robbing from the workers and the pensioners has gone far enough.
They have sunk us to the lowest levels.>> Greece's parliament is due to vote on the reforms tomorrow. The measures include the 13th cut to pensions since 2010 and a reduction in tax free allowances on income. Passing the changes would help unlock some of the funds of an 86 billion Euro bailout, the countries third in seven years.
The money is needed to urgently repay 7.5 billion Euros in debt, June and July. Many who marched directed their frustration at the foreign leaders demanding the reforms. While some expressed anger at the coalition government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who won power, promising to end the cuts. Unemployment is running at close to 1 in 4, and there's a 48% jobless rate among young people.