FIRST AIRED: May 17, 2017

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>> A high possibility of conflict between the Koreas. That's what the South's president Moon Jae-in told local media Wednesday. The strongest warning yet since he took office last week. Pyongyang is pressing ahead with nuclear programs it says it needs to counter US aggression. While Moon is pushing for talks on top of sanctions to rein in the North.
That may seem to be a softer approach to Donald Trump's months of tough talk for the regime. But as Reuters' Christine Kim reports, the two allies are more in sync than first glance.>> I think it's obvious he wants to make a mark and show that he's different from the previous two presidents who had a very hard line stance when it came to North Korea policy.
However, President Moon has also shown he will not be all roses and sunshine. Talks should come when and once North Korea can show they're willing to make a significant step towards denuclearization. From this perspective, South Korea and the US are largely in tandem with one another. US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley also said earlier this week Washington would only talk to North Korea once it halts its nuclear program.
>> On Tuesday, Seoul said the US-backed antimissile system, known as THAAD, managed to detect North Korea's latest launch. That may not be enough to quiet critics unhappy with it, Moon among them.>> One thing that it does tell us for sure, is that the THAAD system actually works.
And according to media reports here, whether it works or not may not actually be the key issue at hand. The US military only informed the South Korean military that the missile had launched but little else. The military here has not been able to confirm to us whether this is true.
But if it is, it may increase the anger some of the South Korean public feel towards that, being inside South Korea.>> Moon's envoy to the US took off for Washington on Wednesday to meet with top US officials. The North Korean crisis is expected to lead the agenda.