FIRST AIRED: May 8, 2017

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>> Accused of being behind a series of deadly attacks, the chief of Islamic State in Afghanistan has been killed by US and local forces. Confirmation of Abdul Hasib's death coming on Sunday, following a joint raid in the eastern province of Nangarhar last month. The attack saw 35 ISIS fighters, and several high ranking commanders killed, as well as two US Army rangers.
Reuters correspondent Hamid Shalizi is in Kabul.>> Afghan security officials told us the leader Abdul Hasib was a key member and closely involved in the decision making, and also bringing other fighters into Afghanistan. They told us that this will be a major blow to the group that has been hit hard by Afghan American forces in recent months, and particularly when the Americans dropped the biggest bomb on their hideout in eastern Nangarhar province.
>> Hasib was appointed head of ISIS in Afghanistan last year after his predecessor died in a US drone strike. He's believed to have directed a number of strikes including one on Kabul's main military hospital in March that killed dozens of people. Hasib is also said to have ordered fighters to behead local elders in front of their families as well as kidnap women and girls to force them to marry ISIS militants.
Defeating the group is one of America's highest priorities in Afghanistan. The top US command saying Hasib's death marks an important step in what he calls America's relentless campaign against the group.