FIRST AIRED: May 24, 2017

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>> Uber just can't seem to turn off the downward path. The latest trouble, a report that Uber inadvertently cheated New York City drivers out of tens of millions of dollars. Uber telling Reuters Tuesday it is committed to making sure the drivers impacted get, quote, every penny they are owed plus interest as quickly as possible.
Reuters correspondent Heather Somerville says this could open up a new rift with drivers.>> This revelation that Uber is short-changing drivers in New York City comes just as Uber is trying to repair its very fraught relationship with drivers. It has said it's going to do things like improve software on the driver's end and help protect drivers from getting kicked off the app because of a negative passenger review.
So, this revelation that drivers haven't been making what they should have made could be really problematic for the company.>> So how did this happen? Uber usually takes a cut from each fare after taxes and fees are deducted, but instead of that the commission was based on the full fare.
The ride hailing app reportedly underpaid New York City drivers by $45 million going back two and a half years. This is just the latest in a string of black eyes for the Silicon Valley startup.>> There was allegations of sexual harassment by a former female employee that triggered an internal investigation.
A number of high level executive departures that threatens the company's growth, and a pretty damning lawsuit by Waymo against Uber.>> Add to that list, more questions about the leadership style of CEO Travis Kalanick after he was caught on camera berating a driver, who was upset at Uber price cuts.
And now the Independent Driver's Guild urging regulators to investigate the company's business practices.