FIRST AIRED: May 8, 2017

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>> Bankers could be waving goodbye to the UK and taking a chunk of the country's economy with them. Reuters analysis shows the biggest global banks in London are set to move about 9,000 jobs from the capital to mainland Europe in the next two years. That after months of speculation about an exodus of financial jobs in the wake of Brexit.
Goldman Sachs chief executive saying Friday, that London's growth as a financial center could stall as a result of Britain's EU departure, many bank bosses not willing to take that risk. Some estimates say more than 200,000 jobs could eventually be moved abroad. But not every banker will be thrilled about the prospect of moving, as Reuters Angeli Davis says.
>> Well at the moment I think we're very much in a limbo. So workers are sort of hoping for the best, planning for the worst. Some bankers obviously have families, they have children in schools, they don't necessarily speak European languages. So it could become a very big issue.
>> Some politicians have accused bankers of exaggerating the threat. For now, the planned moves will represent just 2% of London's finance posts. But Britain's reliance on a small number of rich taxpayers, often bankers, means even that could have a big impact on public finances. HSBC saying this week that the number of finance workers leaving the UK will ultimately depend on what kind of deal Theresa May negotiates.
After a week of sparring between Brussels and London, right now the betting is on the harder kind of Brexit.