FIRST AIRED: May 11, 2017

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>> Best chance we have->> Former FBI Director, James Comey, was due to testify at Thursday's Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, but that was before his surprised dismissal. Now acting director, Andrew McCabe, will appear in his stead. The topic officially is worldwide threats, but the details of the FBI Director's firing and any connection to the bureau's rush investigation will likely take center stage.
Reuters, Dustin Volz.>> Democratic senators in congress have a number of questions about Comey's dismissal, most paramount among them is the timing of this, why did President Trump decide to do this now, 110 days into his presidency, and whether or not this is related to Comey's request for additional funding for his own Russian investigation, or related to other things that maybe the FBI had been digging up recently about a number of associates in the Trump orbit.
>> Also said to appear before the committee, are the Directors of National Intelligence, the CIA, and the NSA.>> With the Russians->> The hearing, a chance for disgruntled democrats to air their grievances, but acting director, McCabe,a 20 year veteran of the bureau, Is unlikely to provide many answers or catharsis.
>> I would expect McCabe is gonna say very little about Comey's dismissal when he appears before Congress on Thursday. He was not involved in the decision and he has a job to do now to run the FBI, an agency of more than 30,000 employees. These inquisitive senators may get another chance to question James Comey, the Senate Intelligence Committee has invited the former director to testify at a closed hearing on Tuesday.