FIRST AIRED: May 16, 2017

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>> Peace is beginning to return to the streets of the Ivory Coast. Since Friday, violence has escalated. Renegade soldiers were shooting in the air and setting up roadblocks. But now in Bouake, the epicenter of the uprising, and Ivory Coast's second largest city, the roads are reopening after leaders of the nationwide military mutiny accepted a government proposal.
Ministers quickly gave in to the soldiers' demands, after an earlier proposal was rejected on Monday. Under the new agreement, each of the mutineers will receive an immediate bonus payment of 5 million CFA francs, the equivalent of 8,400 US dollars. Another 2 million CFO francs will then be paid at the end of next month.
>> After what the president said yesterday, we are satisfied. We have convinced our colleagues and go back to our barracks. We have opened the road, as you can see, and we are with our colleagues from the police. We are going to our barracks. Our place is there, not here.
>> The mutineers were soldiers who helped President Alassane Ouattara seize power in 2011. Many were rewarded for their backing by being given jobs in the army, but they were angered by the scrapping of the deal agreed with the president in January to give them backpay and bonuses. For the streets are steadily returning to normal, but the mutiny has raised fears of a resurgence of the violence seen during the Ivory Coast's 10 year civil war.