FIRST AIRED: May 16, 2017

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>> Arriving at the Elysees palace to talk Olympics. The IOC evaluation commission meeting the new French president to decide who will host the 2024 event.
> 39 year old centrist Emanuel Macron who took power on Sunday has pledged his support for France's bid. Paris' only rival in the race, Los Angeles.
Its bid was assessed by IOC team, last week. Reuters Sports Correspondent, Ian Accent takes us through both cities chances.>> You're two iconic cities, both have hosted the Olympics twice before themselves. So they have experience there.
ey have some facilities there already. So I don't think there's very much between them at all.
Maybe a slight advantage to Paris, the way that Macron has associated himself with the bid. The only trouble with LA, with the US Presidency with some of Trump's policies, it might prevent some athletes from easily entering the Olympics if his travel bans come into place.>> There'll be a final presentation from both hopefuls in Switzerland in July.
Macron has confirmed that he'll be there. And the final vote will be held on the 30th of September in Lima Peru.>> It might be most interesting to see what happens behind closed doors. There's been a suggestion that perhaps one bid city has it in 2024, another bid city has it in 2028.
Now Paris has come out and said it's 2024 or nothing for us. LA sort of followed similar lines, but then some members of their bid team said hang on we might like to have it in 2028 as well. The IOC have got real problem though because it's so expensive to even to bid for Olympic games, even more expensive to host them.
So not many cities are coming forward in the bidding process. So for 2028, there might not have may options. So they might want to find a way of securing the whole thing now and it saves them the worry of having to go through all of these with cities pulling out of the bidding process in a couple of years time.
>> Paris hosted the global sporting event in 1900 and again in 1924. It'll be hoping that 100 years later its bid will have the edge.