FIRST AIRED: May 26, 2017

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>> Amazon, the online retail juggernaut, taking what may seem like a strange step Thursday. I'm Conway Giddens. In a bit of irony, Amazon opening up this 4,000 square foot bookstore, its first in New York City, just feet away from what used to be a Borders. You remember them?
A bookstore chain that went bankrupt as Amazon's online bookselling prowess took the industry by storm. The first of two bookstores being planned for the Big Apple, taking all the strength and data collected from its website and putting them into a store. Books that are already selling well on, receiving highly rated customer reviews on Goodreads, a popular book review sharing site it bought in 2013, or eBooks with strong sales are the books that are chosen for the physical store.
But while those books, Kindle eBook Readers, and even this digital assisted Alexa fill up the shelves, what Amazon is really selling in this store is Amazon Prime. Shoppers are subtly reminded of the $99 a year membership service that acts as a high-end loyalty program tying them to Amazon.
Scan a book and you will see there's one price for non-prime members and a cheaper price for prime members. And since Amazon the tech company already has your data, you can be in and out quicker. Jennifer Cast is VP of Amazon Books.>> When you're checking out, you can use your Amazon app.
Don't have to get out your credit card. You can purchase through your phone. We use your credit card that is on And then it's connected to your Amazon account.>> Amazon is betting that by using the seven bookstores it now has nationally, and the six more to come, as advertising for Prime, it can ultimately achieve the end goal or luring shoppers back to it's website to buy other things.