FIRST AIRED: March 29, 2017

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>> Theresa May has begun the Brexit process with a warning, there's no turning back.>> But, Mr Speaker, when I sit around the negotiation table in the months ahead, I will represent every person in the United Kingdom.>> The British Prime Minister finally pulling the trigger on Brexit with a letter to Brussels, and a speech to Parliament cementing the historic moment.
Reuters UK political correspondent, William James, was watching for signs of what might come.>> Prime Minister struck a conciliatory tone in her speech today. She talked a lot about the need to approach these negotiations with the right frame of mind, with a positive attitude. She made lots of concessions, saying she acknowledged it would be difficult to complete the negotiations within two years and that both sides needed to get something from it.
>> Since Britain's voted for Brexit in a referendum last June, the scale of the challenge and the UK's demands have steadily become clear. Both a so-called hard Brexit and the best possible deal in May's sights. The UK Prime Minister already ruling out single market access, but adding she's after a comprehensive free trade deal.
One early obstacle to having it all, an exit builder could run to tens of billions of Euros. The back benchers may not like the idea of Britain paying more into EU coffers. But despite the media buzz surrounding Westminister, on Wednesday, they stayed relatively quiet.>> Within the debating chamber where it really matters lawmakers are trying to find a balance between their own interests and the interests of the population.
So you've got Brexiteers who are trying not to sound too triumphant, trying not to sound like their popping the champagne corks. Maybe they will later and you've got the remainers on the other side who are trying to make the best of this.>> Expect things to heat up fast.
Westminster has two years to secure a deal. After months of wrangling and speculation the UK's phony Brexit war is finally getting real.