FIRST AIRED: March 23, 2017

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>> A day of reckoning in Washington, Thursday, as House Speaker Paul Ryan brings his healthcare plan up for a decisive vote on a central part of President Donald Trump's legislative agenda. It's been a perilous road for the bill which started out as a sweeping campaign promise to repeal and replace former President Barack Obama's signature law.
But has turned into a battle among Republicans over what repeal and replace should actually mean. Ryan's bill does away with Obamacare's central requirement that everyone purchase healthcare, known as the individual mandate, and reigns in that plan's Medicaid expansion. But it leaves in place the law's most popular feature, such as the ban on denying coverage for preexisting conditions.
But the hard Right House Freedom Caucus within Ryan's own party wants Obamacare swept away entirely before any replacement is considered. While more moderate Republicans prefer to wean voters away from its benefits more gradually than offered by Ryan's bill.>> Protect our care.>> With Democrats firmly against it, Ryan and Trump had tweaked the bill in search of more GOP votes.
But that's not enough for the Freedom Caucus. Their leader, Congressman Mark Meadows, saying Wednesday, 25 of their members still opposed it. Enough to stop it from passing. With just hours to go before the vote, Trump calling the Freedom Caucus to the White House for one last pitch session Thursday, hoping he can salvage this chance to score his first big legislative victory.
>> And