FIRST AIRED: March 29, 2017

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>> Samsung staging a dramatic unveiling of it's new Galaxy S8, and 8 Plus smartphones Wednesday, in need of a big win after battery fires in it's Note 7 resulted in a PR and financial fiasco. Its sleek new look and innovative features indicating the company may have a hit on its hands.
This is not just a smartphone, this is Samsung's shot at redemption. I'm Lisa Bernhard at Lincoln Center in New York, the buzz here is one of excitement. The biggest change, the phone has an infinity glass cover to it, it is all glass. The home button is virtual, it is under the screen.
And while Samsung did not specifically refer to the fires that plagued the Note 7, it did say that it's learned from past mistakes. Folks here thinking if this phone lives up to the hype, Samsung will erase the memory of the troubles that plagued the Note 7. Wow factors include iris and facial recognition for security.
Personal assistant Bixby, who's artificial brain aims to outsmart Siri and Alexa. And a docking station that lets you download the contents of your phone to your desktop computer. As for fire proofing batteries, Samsung didn't exactly say, but stressed and eight point battery safety check system. Perhaps the biggest unknown is what Apple's got waiting in the wings, it's new iPhone coming this fall.
A 10th anniversary edition, with lots of bells and whistles expected. Apple hoping to keep its top spot in the smartphone wars it reclaimed last year, in the wake of Samsung's troubles. Samsung looking to save face when the Galaxy S8 goes on sale April 21st.