FIRST AIRED: March 21, 2017

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>> That testimony you are about to give to the->> Day two of confirmation hearings of supreme court nominee Neil Gorsuch expected to bring fewer sweeping statements about the law and family man moments.>> I love you so much.>> With Gorsuch on Tuesday instead digging in for 30 minutes of questioning from each of the senate judiciary committees 20 members.
Reuters legal correspondent Lawrence Hurley.>> There's gonna be a lot more drama on Tuesday. This is where the kinda rubber hits the road where senators actually get to kinda grill Gorsuch.>> Democrats planning to press the conservative judge on issues ranging from abortion to gun control to his favorable rulings for corporations.
And perhaps force him to say something about this guy.>> Merrick Garland.>> Judge Garland.>> Chief Justice Merrick Garland. Gorsuch not having mentioned President Obama's pick at all in his opening remarks Monday, despite the palpable resentment from Democrats that Garland was denied a hearings process. Trump's high court pick also likely to keep stressing his independence from the president, his overarching theme on Monday.
Perhaps, especially in light of FBI director James Comey's disclosure of the ongoing investigation in to Trump's ties with Russia and what that might entail as pointed out by Senator Richard Blumenthal.>> The possibility of the supreme court needing to enforce a subpoena against the president is no longer idle speculation.
>> Gorsuch's hearings expected to continue until at least Wednesday night with the Senate Judiciary Committee voting on his nomination April 3rd.