FIRST AIRED: March 31, 2017

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>> The European Union unveils its Brexit game plan.>> That the talks which are about to start will be difficult, complex and sometimes even confrontational.>> Stating out a negotiations strategy for Britain's two-year withdrawal process from the Brussel's club, proposing a phased approach. Offering trade talks, but not until sufficient progress has been made.
Reuters Bureau Chief in Brussels, Alastair Macdonald, says the divorce talks alone could take until the end of the year.>> Then you agree that sufficient progress, even if it's not all nailed down, sufficient progress is made on that first phase. You move on to a second phase, talk about the future relationship, the free trade area.
And then, once you know where you're going with that, you can also then talk about the transition period.>> The EU's opening gambit, talking tough, particularly around the transition phase after March, 2019.>> It would see Britain essentially keeping parts of EU membership and receiving entitlements.>> And what Tusk is making clear is okay, that's fine, but if that happens, you will obey all of our rules.
You will be subject to our court decisions in Luxembourg and the European Court of Justice. You will have to accept the free movement rules, and you will have to potentially pay into the budget.>> All things that prompted Brexiteers to vote leave. On the other hand, the Europeans are willing and open to free trade.
But won't do it with a Britain tearing up the regulatory rule book around the environment, climate change, labor regulation, or tax harmonization. Tusk will meet UK Prime Minister Teresa May before an April 29 summit in Brussels.>> Paving the way for some of the most complex international talks ever undertaken.