FIRST AIRED: April 5, 2017

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>> Mr. Cruz.>> Aye.>> Mr>> Aye.>> Ms. Feinstein.>> No.>> The rancor on Capitol Hill is far from over. But if Neil Gorsuch takes his place on the Supreme Court this week as expected. He will immediately be thrown into the midst of the Court's current term, facing decisions on thorny cases.
Where his vote could make all the difference. Supreme Court Correspondent, Lawrence Hurley has the story.>> Judge Gorsuch, once he gets confirmed to the Supreme Court, has a pretty overflowing inbox waiting for him. A combination of new cases that the court's gonna be hearing, plus cases they have to decide.
Plus pending appeals on a wide range of Issues, gun rights, religious rights.>> It will also be the first time since the death of Justice Anthony Scalia that the high court will not be stuck in a four to four deadlock between its liberal and conservative wings.>> He'll be replacing Scalia who died over a year ago Gosuch considers Scalia to be kind of his idol in some ways.
And he'll restore this five to four conservative majority on the Court. And if you've got a conservative Court, it's more likely to be in favor of gun rights, against abortion rights, and in favor of restrictions on voting. So, all of these things can have big impact on people's daily lives without them really realizing it.
One of the first cases he'll be hearing, is a pretty big religious rights case, about a church in Missouri that is seeking a grant from the state, to build a children's playground. And was told they couldn't because it's a church. A ruling for the church, could bring about increased government funding of religious activities.
And that's a case that a lot of legal experts think, that he could be one of the key votes.>> Just the start of a career on the high court for the 49 year old Gorsuch, likely to stretch for decades.