FIRST AIRED: March 23, 2017

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>> A hire car and a kitchen knife, all that was needed to execute the deadly attack in London, Wednesday. Authorities have long known societies are vulnerable to such low tech methods, but they're hard to catch, cheap, and frighteningly easy to organize. Using vehicles is becoming increasingly common, we saw it with trucks in Nice last summer, Berlin in winter, and now London spring.
In places like the Middle East, this isn't a new tactic, in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, there's been over 50 vehicle ramming attacks by Palestinians targeting Israelis. Reuter's Bureau Chief Luke Baker has the view from Jerusalem.>> We spoke to the former head of security for the Shin Bet, that's the Israeli Domestic Security Agency.
And they said really, they felt that there are two ways you could try to get on these sort of attacks, the London style attack. One is by having more people who carry weapons, and the other is by better intelligence. Now, they acknowledged immediately that more people carrying weapons is the sort of thing that isn’t gonna happen in Britain, even many of the police don’t carry weapons.
Here in Israel, not only do the police carry firearms, but there are many soldiers on the streets, and many civilians also carry a pistol. So when an attack occurs, there are a lot of people with guns in the area who can respond, that isn't going to happen in Britain.
>> Israelis have mostly been targeted at transport hubs or security checkpoints, bollards have been thrown up for protection.>> But even the Israeli security forces that we've spoken to, acknowledged that these are pretty limited measures. Ultimately, they feel that the best way they have of trying to respond to these sorts of attacks, is having people with weapons nearby, who can try to stop the attack continuing, to try to put an end to it very quickly.
>> Islamic state has claimed responsibility for the European vehicle attacks. The group had called on its followers to use them to kill and injure. Experts say using a car is highly rated by militants, because it is so lethal.