FIRST AIRED: March 23, 2017

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>> There was a lot going on yesterday.>> House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes facing a sharp backlash Thursday. A day after he revealed US spy agencies monitoring foreigners had picked up incidental communications with President Trump's transition team. Nunes dropping the bombshell to the public, and to President Trump at the White House without alerting his fellow committee members.
>> And that is a deep, deep problem.>> Nunes reportedly apologizing to those lawmakers Thursday behind closed doors, but the damage may have been done. Republican Senator John McCain says, Congress now lacks the credibility to conduct an independent investigation into alleged links between Trump's campaign and Russian operatives.
Cyber Security correspondent, Dustin Voltz.>> The problem, they say, is that Nunes is supposed to be independent and leading this investigation from Congress, not informing the White House of his findings directly because Trump and his associates are the target of that very investigation that he's overseeing. Democrat Adam Schiff and others, including some Republicans such as Senator John McCain, are saying this further reiterates the need for some sort of special commission or select committee in Congress to ensure that there is a fair, independent and full investigation into what happened in the 2016 election.
>> Nunes who has joined Trump in slamming leaks to the media about classified material, said his information came from sources he would not identify. The question now emerging whether Nunes himself unilaterally disclosed classified information.>> Nunes' decision to come forward and describe, even in general terms, stuff that appears to have been collected and disseminated within the intelligence community may have been classified material itself.
This is highly concerning to a lot of Democrats and former intelligence lawyers who said that this is clear case. That anytime you discuss intelligence reports gathered through authorities under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, as Nunez appears to have done, that is classified information.>> Democratic Senator Ron Widen of the Senate Intelligence Committee calling it a very serious concern.
Although Nunes' revelations never referred directly to Trump, the president later said he felt somewhat vindicated in his unverified claim that President Barack Obama had wiretapped him at Trump Tower, although Nunes still maintains that claim remains unproven.