FIRST AIRED: April 6, 2017

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>> Embattled House intelligence chairmen Devin Nunes Thursday announcing he's stepping aside from the Russian probe, at least temporarily. The Congressmen now under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for possibly disclosing classified information. Nunes denies the charges but says he'll step aside as the Ethics Committee investigates. Taking over for Nunes will be representative Mike Conaway with help from Congressman Trey Gowdy and Tom Rooney.
Reuters national security correspondent Mark Rosenthal.>> Nunes, as I understand it, will remain chairman of the committee. He's just stepping aside from any of the Russian investigation stuff, which arguably he's made a bit of a mess of. I know for a fact cuz I was talking to Democrats about this a week or two ago.
That one of the reasons they kind of wanted Nunez to hang around, or at least some of them did. Was because they thought he was somebody easier to basically play games with. Than some of these other republicans on the committee including Gowdy in particular.>> Nunes, who was part of a Trump transition team, faced criticism for his handling of the investigation into Moscow's meddling in the 2016 election.
Critics charging he was Trump loyalist who could not handle an independent investigation. It was when Nunes weeks ago held an impromptu and unusual press conference without his Democrat counterpart to announce fresh intelligence that first raised eyebrows. The Congressman revealing that he had seen evidence that suggested Trump's transition team was swept up in incidental reinsurance.
Lending some credibility to Trump's wiretapping claim, which Mark Hosenball says is in dispute.>> At this point, there literally is no public evidence to support that at all. And other people who are familiar at least with the basic outlines of what they think Nunes saw, say it doesn't say what he says it says.
>> It was later revealed that Nunes received this intel at the White House. Which made it all the more bizarre when he then went to the White House to brief them on it.