FIRST AIRED: March 31, 2017

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>> Under my administration the theft of American prosperity will end.>> President Trump unveiling a crackdown before the sit down, as he lays the groundwork for a meeting with China's president. I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington, where the playbook might advise minimizing differences ahead of a high wire summit with America's most important trading partner.
But that's now how President Donald Trump is playing it. With Chinese President Xi Jinping, headed to the United States next week, Trump is slamming Beijing's trading practices and predicting a very difficult summit.>> We're gonna get down to some very serious business. So we look forward to it.
>> After a string of setbacks from the Russian mess to healthcare, Trump shows his supporters that he hasn't forgotten them. Swinging into action on the issue that helped vault him to the White House, the loss of US manufacturing jobs that Trump lays largely at China's doorstep. Trump signing two executive orders on Friday.
One that examines America's massive trade deficits. Another to boost enforcement against unfairly traded products.>> From now on, those who break the rules will face the consequences and they will be very severe consequences.>> Trump's point man on trade, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, telling reporters that he's leading a top to bottom review of trade deficits, going country by country and product by product.
As a basis for future trade negotiation. Not just China but also Japan, Germany, Mexico, even Ireland and Vietnam. Trump's stance on trade is a sharp departure from presidents from Reagan to Obama who saw free trade as a way to boost prosperity and spread American influence abroad. Obama's 12 nation Trans-Pacific partnership for example, was seen as a way to counter China's growing geopolitical ambitions.
Trump drove a spike through that deal, we will be watching to see whether his tough talk gets results as he vows to keep China in check.