FIRST AIRED: March 31, 2017

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>> Boeing making a splashy debut on the runway Friday, showing off their newest and biggest member of the Dreamliner 787 family. The debut test flight coming as Boeing looks to keep its lead as the world's biggest plane maker. Reuters aerospace correspondent, Alwyn Scott.>> This mid-size jet is really kind of in the sweet spot in the market where airlines, they don't wanna have too much airplane to fill each time cuz they wanna make sure they sell all the seats.
But this particular, the Dreamliner model has opened up a lot of new routes, direct, city Paris. You wouldn't have flown that before cuz it wasn't economical to do it.>> Airlines may not find the cost so appealing with a price tag of nearly $313 million before discounts. A competing plane made by rival Airbus is cheaper although less high tech.
But Airbus isn't getting much love from buyers either thanks to oil at $50 a barrel.>> Well with oil prices falling to about half what they were before. The airlines have slowed down their purchases. And said, well wait a second, maybe we don't need to spend all that money right now on all these new aircraft.
We can fly the older planes a little bit longer because it's still economical to do it at half the fuel price that we were anticipating.>> Boeing, however, hoping a year full of splashy test flights will make airlines jealous enough to buy. The first plane will be delivered in early 2018.