FIRST AIRED: March 25, 2017

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>> We couldn't quite get there. We're just a very small number of votes short.>> President Trump hopes to put his Obamacare fiasco in the rear view mirror. But is likely to haunt him in the months to come. Amanda Sullivan in Washington where Trump is already looking past the stunning collapse of his effort to repeal and replace President Barrack Obama's affordable care act saying he's ready to move onto tax reform and let Obamacare collapse under its own weight.
But just because Trump is done with healthcare doesn't mean that healthcare is done with him. He may soon find that voters hold him accountable for rising prices, spotty coverage, and other short comings of the American healthcare system just as they did with President Obama before him.>> Obama is a horrible negotiator.
>> Trump billed himself as a master negotiator but his ultimatum for an up or down vote backfired as Republican law makers defied him in droves. Undercutting his authority and calling his deal making skills in to question.>> It's pretty exciting for us.>> Democrats are emboldened, saying they're willing to work with Trump on healthcare, but on their terms.
Republicans demoralized after they couldn't deliver on an Obamacare repeal that they had been promising voters for seven years. It caps what in many respects has been a rough first two months for Trump. His travel ban held up in court, his national security adviser forced out. And questions about his ties to Russia just aren't going away.
This week's messy back and forth raises the question whether Trump needs to change his approach to Capitol Hill, and whether allies like house speaker Paul Ryan can be counted on to deliver when it matters. Former White House staffer say president is most powerful when he first enters office and slowly looses influence after that.
Trump told voters that they would soon be sick of all the winning but two months in the office, he has yet to score any significant victories. If he doesn't put some points on the board soon, he may find that his honeymoon is over sooner than he thinks.>> This is really a difficult situation.