FIRST AIRED: March 24, 2017

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>> The health inspector who tipped off Brazilian authorities and triggered a massive investigation into the nation's meat processing industry says federal police haven't revealed even 1% of what they discovered after leading the country's biggest meat packing plants. Daniel Govea Toshera, a government employee says he confronted the Brazilian meat plant with what he says was evidence it was putting too much marrow, bone, and other slaughterhouse byproducts in food meant for human consumption.
He was then suddenly removed as the plant's inspector. Reuters correspondent Stephen Eisenhammer interviewed Teixeira.>> He said that every time he sighted a violation at one of the meat packing plants, his superior moved him onto another one. Police allege that he was the victim of corruption in the meat packing industry.
That his superiors were moving him on to different plants as a result of receiving bribes from the companies that he was supposed to be inspecting.>> The two and a half year investigation>> Investigation that followed unveiled wide spread corruption involving allegations of rotten and tainted meat inside Brazil's biggest beef and poultry processing plant and has tarnished the country's reputation as the world's largest meat exporter.
The government is in full on crisis control, trying to minimize the allegations and allowing cameras to roll during inspections like this one inside a poultry plant. But the damage is already done. Brazil's agriculture minister says exports have plummeted, sinking to just $74,000 Tuesday from a daily average of $63 million.
A dozen countries, including Brazil's largest trading partner, China, have banned imports of Brazilian meat and eight other countries have stopped imports from the 21 Brazilians plants under investigation.