FIRST AIRED: March 21, 2017

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>> Periods, something all women have in common, yet in Nepal young girls are still banished to stone huts when they are menstruating. In Africa they can be considered contaminated, and in Pakistan some believe periods are evil.>> In many parts of the world, discussing periods is still very much in developing countries where sanitary products are simply unaffordable, menstrual hygiene is a serious issue.
Now, an organization called Betty, hopes to encourage school children to have honest and open discussions around that time of the month.>> This double decker bus will travel across the UK, hoping to smash the stigma of talking about periods.>>
>> We want to create, I guess, a new generation of girls and boys, who are very open to talking about periods.
There's still a lot of shame and embarrassment around it, even as older women. I've worked in offices with women all my life and you still pop a tampon up your sleeve to go to delay. We don't want girls to feel that way. So, we think if we start the conversation at school and we're a lot more open about it.
Hopefully, we will create a new generation that are a lot more confident, and a lot more open to talking about it.>> The boys spend time in a separate classroom discussing relationships and compassion. But the girls get to take pattern workshops on the Betty Bus itself.>> Everyone is going to go through it in their life, your body develops to process these periods.
And you need to learn how to be prepared towards it, and not to be scared with it.>> Is it something that perhaps before today you wouldn't have felt comfortable talking about?>> Definitely, definitely. But, everyone's been really helpful and lovely, so it's just to support my confidence levels up through the roof, really, towards that subject.
>> The Betty Bus is determined to generate a generation of girls and boys who are empowered, educated, and confident. And who help break down the barriers around periods, one stop at a time.