FIRST AIRED: March 20, 2017

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>> For over 700 days and as many nights, these hardcore anti-Kremlin and activists have been here on a Moscow bridge, guarding a makeshift memorial to murdered Putin critic Boris Nemtsov. Now, Reuter's Bureau Chief Andrew Osborn says they, and their shrine, are being forced out for sudden repair works.
>> The shrine behind me to murdered Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov is not huge. But it has become a big problem for the Kremlin. Why? Because of its location. It's right next door to the Kremlin to Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral. It's also the place where after opposition marches, protesters have come to lay flowers in his honor.
This place has become a rallying point for the opposition in Russia. With the Presidential election due next year, and Russia due to host the World Cup, this is not the kind of publicity that the Kremlin wants. Now, Russian officials have said that they want to close much of the bridge.
This bridge on which the shrine stands on for repairs. They say there's nothing political about this. That the repairs are urgently needed. But the opposition disagrees. They say the timing is not coincidental.>> The opposition is given no airtime on state TV and is unlikely to find a candidate that can unseat Putin in the upcoming elections.
For many activists, the memory of Nemtsov and this shrine have been a source of hope. But requests for a permanent plaque had already been refused. People here say city cleaners have dismantled the shrine almost 30 times already. Now, it looks like it might be gone for good.