FIRST AIRED: March 22, 2017

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North Korean missile blowing up right after lift-off on Wednesday morning, but still shrouded in mystery. That's the word from the US and South Korea. The failed launch has been traced to the east of the country, near the city of Wonsan. As Reuter's Jack Kim reports, that's a area with a bad track record when it comes to Kim Jong-Un's weapons tests.
>> Wonsan has been the site of six launches of the North Korea's intermediate range Musudan missile last year. Five of which have failed. It's a large city with a cape that extends into the sea so it presents an ideal location for such tests. Very little is known about the missile launch today by North Korea.
It appears that the launch was a complete failure in that the vehicle exploded only a few seconds into flight.>> Despite Wednesday's failure, North Korea seems to be feeling confident about its missiles. It's been holding regular weapons test and some experts say it could be aiming missiles West but launching them from the East to intentionally avoid hitting Japan.
So far there's been no clear indication over what type of rocket was fired. But any launch is significant as North Korea races to perfect an intercontinental ballistic missile. This week a senior US official told Reuter's, the Trump administration is eyeing tougher sanctions to punish the north. And last Friday Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson visited Seoul saying patience with Pyongyang has ended with all options now on the table, including a military response.
] With President Trump.