FIRST AIRED: March 19, 2017

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>> House Republicans are working on changes to their healthcare overhaul after weeks of pressure from all sides. But whether it will make the bill's path through Congress any easier, remains an open question. House Speaker Paul Ryan telling Fox News, Sunday, the altered plan would put new limits on Medicaid and boost tax credits for older low-income people to buy private insurance.
Ryan telling Fox, 'we think we should be offering more assistance than the bill currently does for poor people aged 50 to 64. This after house conservatives rebelled against the Medicaid extension and tax credits in the original bill, which they say amounted to Obamacare lite. House moderates also balked, saying the bill would leave too many people without coverage.
Congressional correspondent, Susan Cornwell.>> They're making changes to the bill, so that the bill will pass right now. Although the leadership says they think they're in a good place, there are lots of people who say they're not so sure the bill would pass the House. The biggest critics of the bill, the conservative Freedom Caucus, their leader says, there's no way the bill would pass the House right now, so that some changes have to be made in order for it to get through.
>> Ryan says he's considering block grants to states for Medicaid funding along with a new work requirement. But that may not be enough to bring his own ranks in line, as he and House leaders work to get the bill in shape for a House floor vote on Thursday.