FIRST AIRED: March 24, 2017

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>> Republicans face a showdown vote on Capitol Hill as President Trump, in a defining moment, tells them it's time to fall in line behind his healthcare plan or lose all hope of repealing Obamacare. I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington, where Republicans in the House of Representatives and President Trump are playing a political game of poker with dizzying stakes.
Trump calling the bluff of conservatives who say they just can't vote for his plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act.>> We have not gotten enough of our members to get to yes.>> Tired of negotiating, Trump throwing down a take it or leave it ultimatum betting that conservatives will ultimately fall in line and pass the bill.
If he's wrong the fallout could be devastating for all involved.>> We'll have to see.>> Do you think it's going to pass?>> We'll see what happens.>> The plan would revoke some taxes created by ObamaCare, slash Medicaid funding for the poor, and modify the tax breaks that help people buy insurance.
Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan so far failed to cobble together a coalition to get the bill through the house. Ryan traveling to the White House to tell Trump that he doesn't have the votes but the White House still insisting that he follow through.>> This is our moment, this is our opportunity to do it.
But it is now up to members to make that decision, whether or not they wanna be part of this effort to repeal ObamaCare.>> Vote for this bill and give us a chance to get out from under this disastrous law.>> Moderates say the bill is too harsh on the poor and the elderly.
While conservatives dismiss it as a warmed over version of ObamaCare. Democrats uniformly opposed the bill.>> What does the GOP stand for? Get Old People.>> That means Ryan can't afford to lose more than 22 of his 237 Republicans. This is by far the biggest test yet for President Trump who campaigned as the ultimate deal maker.
A failure here could cast a long shadow over his efforts to reform health care, pass a big infrastructure bill and other ambitious priorities. We should know by the end of the day whether his gamble pays off.>> Serves his time, gentlemen from Massachusetts.