FIRST AIRED: March 22, 2017

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North Korean chest thumping aimed at President Trump. One Pyongyang envoy exclusively telling Reuters his country has nothing to fear from new sanctions from the US. And will crank up its nuclear program in response including developing preemptive strike capability. Chaim Young-Nam is part of North Korea's UN delegation in Geneva.
He says after half a century of various sanctions, his country's ideology of self sufficiency will see it through anything. Even though in his words, the existing sanctions are heinous and inhumane. Chai also insist Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's tour through Asia was merely a series of talks to plan strikes on the North.
He wouldn't say anything more on North Korea's latest rocket engine test over the weekend. Only echoing Kim Jong-un that the long range missiles Pyongyang claims to have, could be launched quote at any time and at any place. Experts says it's likely the country has mastered the technology to power an ICBM.
But it still hasn't mastered missile reentry, meaning it's probably a long way from being able to hit the mainland United States. Ask to comment on Chai's fiery rhetoric, one US official said North Korea should quote, return to serious talks.>>