FIRST AIRED: March 20, 2017

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>> Fierce of an immigration crack down in the US has sent hundreds of migrants over the border to Canada. Here at Reuters, we try to find out what Canadians actually thought of the migrants coming over. I'm Chris
], Reuters polling editor. And in our first poll of Canadian citizens, we found out that Canadians are just as sensitive about illegal immigration as Americans are.
Almost half, about 48% said that they thought that the people crossing illegally into Canada should be sent back. So that was pretty much right in line with a very similar question that we asked in America at the exact same time. So, Canadians and Americans feel pretty much the same about illegal immigration.
The second question we asked was specific to the situation of people crossing into Canada just recently. And they're telling Reuters and they're telling others that they're wanting to escape what they're fearing is an immigration crackdown in the United States. Pretty much the same percentage, about 48% said they would like to send those people back over the border.
We asked one question about safety. We said, do you think that coming into this country, the people recently who have migrated in, do they make the country more or less safe? And just about 4 out of 10, about 41% said that they felt that these migrants made the country less safe.
Another 46% said that they really didn't think it made any difference at all. Now, I think in Canada and just in the United States as well, the issue isn't necessarily safety. That might be one of the reasons, but I think really broadly, Canadians and Americans are really more concerned about the rule of law.
When you say do you think that people who came here illegally should be sent back. It's more of a reaction to people not following the rules, not getting in line. That's really what people are reacting to. This poses some interesting political challenges for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
He's been very welcoming of Syrian refugees coming into the country, but he's being pulled on the right by people who want to cut back on refugees. And he's being pulled on the left by the people who want to increase the number of refugees into Canada. Our polling shows that right now he enjoys some fairly high approval ratings in Canada.
Roughly 60% of Canadians have a high approval rating of their prime minister. However, when it comes to this specific issue of migrants coming into the country from Canada. Relatively low percentages in the 40s feel that he's actually handling that issue correctly. And this is the winter right now, as the weather warms, as it gets easier to walk in to Canada and to travel, we could see more people coming into the country.
And so he's really going to have to come up with a tangible solution that works for him politically.