FIRST AIRED: March 20, 2017

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>> A tour by Theresa May to save the union, the UK that is, not the EU. Britain's Prime Minister kicking the week off in Wales, to try and keep UK nations on side over Brexit. She's also set to visit Scotland and Northern Ireland. It comes before she triggers article 50, beginning negotiations to leave the EU.
>> The impact of Brexit->> Hot on her heels, warnings from Scotland's first Minister. Last week Nicholas Dungeon called for Scotland to hold another independence referendum claiming Holwoood hadn't been given a fair hearing on her to make Brexit work for Scotland. Irish nationalists followed suit calling for their own breakaway vote.
So far, May has resisted the mounting pressure. Both UK regions wanted to stay in the EU, while England and Wales voted out. Before departing, number ten briefed that the Prime Minister will deliver a deal that works for the whole of the UK. It's a line that may go down better in Wales on Monday than in other devolved nations.
In Scotland, the genie may well be out of the bottle. At the Scottish Nationalist Party Spring Conference, Sturgeon again hit out at May. Adding to an increasingly tense standoff between the two, though Sturgeon did strike one conciliatory note. After initially polling for a referendum before the Spring of 2019, she said Sunday that it could take place shortly after the UK leaves the EU.
But for the Scottish leader, it's still a question of when, not if.