FIRST AIRED: March 21, 2017

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>> 10 month old baby, Dominique, was born with four legs. Her identical twin not fully developing, causing the baby girl to have a parasitic conjoined twin protruding from her neck and back. Dominique, who is in this photo with her birth mother, traveled from the ivory coast of Africa to the United States, with support from an Ohio based charity organization to undergo separation surgery.
And foster mom Nancy Swab, who heard about Dominique's plight on Facebook, was right there with Dominique as she underwent the surgery. Involving five surgeons, and a team of over 50 clinicians, at Advocate Children's Hospital in Parkridge, Illinois on March 8th. In a Skype interview with Reuters after the operation, John Roogie with pediatric neurosurgery, said the procedure was necessary.
Because without it, Dominique's little organs would have had to continue functioning for herself and the bottom half, waist, legs and feet of another person, shortening her lifespan.>> You can imagine the strain on her small heart and lungs having to provide nourishment to another almost individual. And that amount of mass and disturbance, and that area would cause her significance spinal problems as she grew.
>> Doctors say Dominique is recovering well, in a few weeks, she'll return to her birth family. But for Swab, the baby who once had four legs changed her life.>> She has touched our hearts. She's a member of our family, but I think we know that she'll go back to her loving family, and we'll keep in touch, but this has changed our lives.
She's pretty amazing.