FIRST AIRED: March 22, 2017

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>> Denmark ousted from its spot as the world's happiest country. Its Scandinavian neighbor Norway, displacing it from the top of the list. Jumping three spots from last year in the world happiness report rankings. Reuters correspondent in Denmark, Kristina Jacobson says being named to the world's most happy country has been an identity for many Danes for years.
>> Is their fall. I'm sure they're absolutely not happy about losing this top spots. Especially when it feels like losing a battle to your little brother and sister.>> Denmark, which was number one for three out of the past four years, sliding into second.>> One of the small differences might be this $900 billion all fund built on petroleum revenues that Norway has which is to secure our future generations, and the welfare system that the country is built upon.
Denmark do not have such a fund. And therefore, with an aging population more and more people are questioning the future of this very well functioning welfare system that Denmark has.>> Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, the only non-European countries in the top ten. The United States dropping one spot to 14.
The report's author put the fall down to mounting inequality, distrust, and corruption, saying President Trump's economic policies will only make things worse. The report was launched by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network in 2012, and ranks 155 countries. Its aim is to provide another tool for governments, business, and civil society to help their countries find a better way to well-being.
Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, along with Syria and Yemen, are the least happy.