FIRST AIRED: March 21, 2017

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>> Because it is an open, ongoing investigation.>> FBI director, James Comey, taking the rare step of publicly confirming the Bureau is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. Including whether or not President Donald Trump's campaign directly coordinated with Moscow.>> I cannot say more about what we are doing, and whose conduct we are examining.
>> The revelation coming at a high stakes House Intelligence Committee hearing where Comey and NSA director Admiral Mike Rogers were grilled on Russia.>> Mr Comey, is it fair to say that oligarchs or other individuals might be doing the Kremlin's bidding in contact with others?>> That's fair to say.
And one of our counter intelligence missions is to try to understand who are those people.>> Republicans, led by Chairman Devin Nunes, pushing hard about high level classified leaks to the media.>> Director Comey, I remain extremely concerned about the widespread illegal leaks.>> Cyber security correspondent Dustin Volz says both Democrats and Republicans have their own axes to grind.
So you're sort of seeing two hearings happened in parallel here. Republicans wanting to change the topic of Russian interference in the election and potential connections to the Trump campaign, and instead focus on leaks and whether or not those are damaging to national security. But Democrats were undeterred, and continue to focus on what they see as the most important thing here, which is what did the Trump associates communicate to members of the Russian Government, and when.
>> I have nothing to do with Russia.>> Trump has denied he had contacts with Russia, but reports have detailed encounters between Russian officials and several members of his campaign team, including former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Flynn's fate was sealed after a Washington post article in February trotted out nine confidential sources saying he discussed lifting sanctions with the Russian ambassador to the US before the Trump administration was sworn in.
While Comey refused to talk about most details of the ongoing investigation, he did weigh in on the other elephant in the room. President Trump's Twitter allegations that his predecessor Barack Obama tapped the phones at Trump Tower during the campaign.>> We don't have any information that supports those tweets.
>> But the White House not backing down.>> And there's clearly a lot of information that still hasn't come out or been discussed.>> So you're looking