FIRST AIRED: April 6, 2017

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>> The images are shocking and unverified. But monitoring groups say they are the telltale signs of a chemical attack. Fainting, choking, and foaming at the mouth, after what's believed to be a gas attack by Syrian government jets on a town just south of Idlib. According to some aid agencies, at least 100 people were killed, among them numerous young children.
The head of Idlib's health authority had said there are 300 more who are wounded, claiming war planes dropped either sarin or chlorine. A source in the Syrian military has strongly denied the allegations, insisting the Syrian army has never used such weapons and dismissing the actions as rebel propaganda.
The footage was circulated on social media. In it, are what appeared to be members of the humanitarian group known as the White Helmets. They are hosing down children with water and performing CPR. A Reuters photographer witnessed the aftermath. His images are hard to dispute. The dead wrapped in blankets, survivors gasping for air.
Monitoring groups claim warplanes struck again where the injured were being treated. It's not the first time the Syrian government has been accused of using chemical weapons. Western states believe it was behind the sarin attack in 2013 which killed hundreds. A report by the UN says it's used chemical weapons at least three times since.
These latest accusations prompting France to call for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.