FIRST AIRED: April 5, 2017

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>> It's been a week since Prime Minister Theresa May filed the formal Brexit divorce papers. And already, some in Britain have been struck by a strange malaise, Brexit fever. My name is Guy Faulconbridge, Reuters UK Bureau Chief. So Brexit fever's a name that some have given to some of the perhaps more emotional reactions to Britain's attempt to leave the European Union.
One of the former leaders of the Conservative Party, even suggested that Prime Minister May would be ready to go to war with Spain over Gibraltar. And some of the Euro skeptic media has suggested some quite tough measures that Prime Minister May could take in relation to Spain, including expelling 125,000 Spaniards from the United Kingdom and slap a punitive tax on Rioja wine unless Spain back down.
There have been other suggestions that perhaps Britain could get rid of its burgundy European passport and replace it with the old navy blue ones. And then there's another suggestion that we could return all of our measurements back to the old imperial system. So we could get rid of meters and millimeters and centimeters, and replace them with feet and yards.
Most people, I don't think, have any sense that Britain is gonna go to war over this. This is a small section of the British media which is quite aggressive in relation to Brexit and basically what I think the comment about war was trying to show was that actually the United Kingdom has quite a lot of resolve when it comes to Gibraltar.