FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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around the table we may not lose a state approval polls show leading in Iowa well right now too close to call I'm Chris con writers is pulling editor and right now I would be very difficult state to predict first of all you have to look at %HESITATION how Iowa , it wouldn't really one person pulling the lever for the candidates to support the actually meet together they discussed the issue and you can imagine someone coming into Iowa and idea of going to trump or cruise and changing their mind in delta caucus so a lot of things can happen in that hole a caucus system that you don't see in other states , one big issue that most people are not forsaken his organizations are really paying that much attention to the company called margin of error the most recently we saw a in and %HESITATION RC poll that had Bernie Sanders up by eight percentage points over Hillary Clinton now , that looked like a solid lead in fact that was the headline that you saw out there but really if you compare the margin of error they're statistically tied there right there neck in neck so there really is no way right now busting one above the other you know Iowa is going to be one of those places where %HESITATION I wouldn't be surprised if we saw %HESITATION an outcome that was different in the poll results and not because pulling it actually talking to different people that are actually gonna show up on election day it's all about turnout all about who has the ground game who's actually knocking on doors gotten most passionate supporters another tough things to pull