FIRST AIRED: September 12, 2017

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>> Europe's biggest car show of the year opens Tuesday in Frankfurt, but it's making headlines for the wrong reason. The long list of big name firms who aren't turning up. Among the no-shows, Peugeot, Nissan, Fiat and Volvo. No sign of Buzzy Electric car from Tesla either. That's after a long decline in visitor numbers at such events, dating back a decade or more.
Reuters Automotive Correspondent Ed Taylor is Frankfurt.>> The show still attracts hundreds of thousands of people. And for the consumer, it's still a draw. But there's a bit of a question mark about how long that will be. With the advent of autonomous cars and car sharing on the rise, there's less of an emphasis on ownership.
So the idea that you go to a show to see a car that maybe one day you might want to own, is on the wane.>> Vehicle ownership among young people is already in steady decline. Millennials are seen as more interested in their smartphones. The Frankfurt events also tarnished by the ongoing scandal over cheating on diesel emissions.
It all leads carmakers wondering if it's worth the millions it costs to exhibit there. Some are looking for a new way to do their marketing.>> With an increasing focus on fewer vehicles, and many more different availabilities and alternatives, such as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, or the Mobile World Congress.
Car companies can afford to be much more picky about which shows they will attend, and which ones they're gonna skip.>> Mercedes is among those to target the tech and phone events to showcase their products. Tesla put its products in front of consumers all year round using shopping mall dealerships.
While thousands may still come to Frankfurt this year, selling cars and car shows now requires some creative thinking.