FIRST AIRED: September 13, 2017

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France has waited nearly a 100 years for this. The champagne moment's announcing Paris has clinched the 2024 Olympics. The last time it's hosted the games was in 1924. The French capital beat runner-up Los Angeles, who's agreed to host the next games in 2028 instead. LA officials spelled out a low cost privately funded model that was ready to go.
But Reuters Global Sports Editor Ossian Shine says it was Paris's now or never ultimatum that won over the IOC.>> I think Paris were very smart in that they said we can only hold the 2024 games, we can't hold 2028. Because if we don't get the next one some land that we've set aside to build on will be sold off, so it's a once only offer.
LA, on the other hand, said, we're ready whenever we can hold it now. Everything's built, everything's ready and the IC clearly thought, well in which case if you can hold it now or whenever you can have 2028. And will give Paris which is a once only offer in 2024.
>> Like LA's model, the French capital says it's also set a relatively low budget of $8.14 billion which could be the future for the Olympic Games.>> If you looked at the searching Winter Olympics, for example, $50 billion was spent which was an obscene sum. This is a much more scaled down version
>> Even at the larger games its the summer games but so much as their its going to be fairly ecologically sound. They're looking at creating very eco games a sustainable games that getting away from a white elephant stadium that's never used again and ripped down that huge expense.
It's the model that I see looking for is a games that work with the city and for the city.>> Paris promises to deliver on its charm. The games will show romantic backdrops of the Eiffel Tower and swimming in the sun, but it's also regenerating the poorer parts of Paris.
It plans to build thousands of homes and a new swimming center in Saint-Denis, the most deprived apartment in France where 50% of people don't know how to swim. Paris, like Alais, has hosted the games twice before and is the bigger winner this time around. The LA's mayor says it all benefits from having more time to prepare.