FIRST AIRED: September 7, 2017

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>> Amazon saying Thursday it's looking for another home in North America to host its second headquarters. And it's looking to invest $5 billion and create 50,000 new jobs. It could also create some political capital for Amazon, says Roger San Francisco Bureau chief Peter Henderson.>> President Trump has been criticizing Amazon, saying it's killing jobs, that it's doing damage to the economy, and here it is saying I'm going to create 50,000 new jobs, and dangling $5 billion for lots and lots of cities and states to go after.
It suddenly created a lot of potential allies, certainly a lot of cities and states that, in the short run anyway, are going to be trying to win over Amazon.>> The e-commerce giant has already transformed Seattle with its downtown, studded with Amazon skyscrapers and buildings, as it built a global workforce 380,000 strong.
And Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, expects the new headquarters to be a, quote, full equal to its Seattle office. So what's Amazon looking for? A city of more than a million people with an international airport, good education, and mass transit. And yes, tax cuts, subsidies and other incentives too.
>> It's only been hours and a lot of cities especially are already talking about going forward. Turns out that Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago mayor, has already had several conversations with Jeff Bezos about this. Dallas says it's ready to get in the mix, Houston says it's getting ready to get in the mix.
>> Deadlines for proposals, October 19th, and Amazon says it will select the location next year.