FIRST AIRED: September 7, 2017

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>> And what he was aiming for was a bipartisan moment.>> Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, putting on a brave face Thursday. But Republicans still shell-shocked after President Donald Trump engineered a breathtaking three month deal on the debt ceiling and storm relief with the Democrats in Congress, undercutting Ryan and the rest of his fellow Republicans as they sat with him Wednesday in the Oval Office.
Trump's extraordinary outreach to house Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, and Senate leader Chuck Schumer, leaving many Republicans feeling betrayed. Ginger Gibson is following the story.>> Trump has done so many things that have drawn criticism from Republicans. Like his response to Charlottesville, some of his immigration positions, and how he's handled and tweeted the office at large.
But this is the first time we've seen him over a spending issue really lose some of that core constituency people who have been relentlessly supportive of him.>> Ryan reported to be furious with the president for blindsiding him hours after Ryan called a three month debt ceiling extension a ridiculous idea.
Ryan Favoring an 18 month fix.>> Look, personally I think the debt limit in the credit markets, the longer, the better for the stability of the credit markets, is my strong opinion.>> Senate Leader Mitch McConnell also caught off-guard by Trump, but agreeing to go along with the deal, that would also provide disaster funding and avoid a government shutdown at the end of September.
The move by Trump, an apparent attempt to clear the decks as monster hurricane Irma bears down on Florida, but many republicans not buying it.>> Republicans say that he took a deal that he didn't get anything out of. That he should have pressed for concessions from Democrats.>> Conservative news site Breitbart, now home to former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, running a banner headline Meet the Swamp, with a picture of Trump, Schumer and Pelosi.
In a move further inflaming conservatives, Trump apparently agreeing to a tweet requested by Pelosi, following his decision to end the Obama era program protecting many young illegal immigrants from deportation. Trump telling them they need not worry during the six months he gave Congress to pass a law shielding the so-called dreamers.