FIRST AIRED: September 13, 2017

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>> Apple on Tuesday unveiling its 10th Anniversary iPhone, and CEO Tim Cook saying the iPhone X sets the path for the next decade.>> It is the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.>> But the key features, like opening the phone with your face instead of your fingerprints and edge-to-edge screens, already available on other smartphones.
And if you're used to that Apple home button, you'll have to learn to just swipe up or swipe up and pause to multitask. The biggest headline, the price tag, $999. Apple also launching the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, upgrades to the 7. And all the new phones can be charged wirelessly, again, a technology that's been offered by its competitors for a while.
Reuters correspondent Stephen Nellis was there.>> The big question here is how many of these Apple is gonna be able to sell within the calendar year. So the iPhone 8 is gonna go on sale pretty soon here, at the end of this week, and then shipping the week after that.
But these new phones, the iPhone X is not gonna be on sale until October 27th, and isn't gonna ship until November 3rd.>> While the iPhone upgrades may seem more incremental than monumental, Apple's new watch does seem like a true leap forward.>> Introducing Apple Watch Series 3.
And it has cellular. You can receive an important call with just your watch, and the number is the same number as your iPhone. You don't have to manage a separate number.>> One analyst says that could help double or triple the Apple Watch sales, which Apple says is already the number one selling watch in the world.