FIRST AIRED: September 20, 2017

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>> I was a deeply traumatized child and highly frightened. And I've been carrying fear around all my life.>> Salamaya Gannon lost 29 family members during the holocaust. Now the Jewish Berliner says she'll flee Germany for a second time if a far right political party ever takes power.
>> I don't have that long to live. To have to go through that again, no thank you.>> Gannon was shocked recently when a top candidate for the AFD said the country should take pride in what its soldiers achieved in two world wars. The party's expected to enter parliament for the first time ever in national elections on Sunday.
And they say they aren't racist, although the other mainstream parties have sworn they won't work with them. Reuter's Andrea Shalal found their writers stoked fears of anti-Semitism's creeping return.>> Many of the Jewish groups I spoke with, and people, are worried that the AFD's use of words like ethnic that have a Nazi past will make it easier for hate speech to slip into general discourse.
And they say it'll only get worse once the AFD is in Parliament.>> Germany is very sensitive to its past with strict laws banning symbols of hate. But from schoolyard insults to a series of high profile reports from within its military, remnants have persisted. At last 681 anti-Semitic crimes have been reported so far this year, an increase of over two dozen from the same period last year.
And the unreported numbers are likely much higher. These students are part of a youth group aimed at visiting classrooms to directly challenge it.>> I come from Bavaria and we drink a lot of beer. And there's this thing where the last sip of beer, what's left at the very bottom, is called the Durish sip.
It's a daily use of speech, especially among young people, that has really taken hold. And it's only words, but many things start with language and language is very important in this context.