FIRST AIRED: September 23, 2017

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>> Walmart just may have a->> No time for shopping when you're on the run? Walmart on Friday saying it's testing a service that delivers groceries right to your refrigerator. One that let's kale carrying strangers into your home when no one's there. And ramping up the race toward greater costumer convenience in its quest to take on Amazon.
Reuters Jeffrey Dastin explains.>> For years companies have tried to crack the problem of how do you deliver groceries to the home? Because think about it, if you want to order everything online that you normally would get in a store, like yogurt or fresh produce, you're gonna wanna refrigerate that immediately.
And so you have to be present when the delivery's there, and what Walmart is doing is trying to address this problem. And they're partnering with this smart lock company called August Home that will allow people in what they hope will a secure way to enter your home, actually unpack the groceries, put them in your fridge.
>> Walmart's delivery people receive a one time pass code to a customer's smart lock. Homeowners receive a notification when the delivery is in progress and can watch in real time through the August Home App. Grocery and meal kit delivery emerging as the next frontier for competition among retailers.
With Amazon's recent take over of Whole Foods shaking up the grocery business. The online behemoth exploring drone delivery, and reportedly working with a home camera system that would allow customers to see when packages arrive on their doorsteps. Walmart's straight to fridge program is currently being tested in Silicon Valley, no word on whether the blue-shirted serviceman will spoon feed you if still there when you get home.